Most pianos will need to be tuned once per year minimum. It will very depending on the type of use and the quality of your instrument. Some pianos hold there tune better than others .The time between tuning, and pitch changes due to humidity levels also are a factor . Some pianos get played very little leading some to think it’s not worth the cost of regular tuning and maintenance . I’m sure you have all seen these pianos in homes . When you set down to play you don’t even finish because it sounds bad and keys are likely sticking . So it becomes a piece of furniture . By the time I get called in to tune and repair the piano . The costs average about what it would if they had done the regular tuning and maintenance along the way . And sometimes the neglect can lead to serious damage to the piano . When I tune a piano I always open it up completely and inspect for not only worn or broken parts , but also termites and mice infestations . They love pianos and can do a lot of damage quickly . As far as termites the one word of advise I will give you is don’t leave a piano lamp on when your not playing . They are attracted to the light . Another reason to have your piano tuned and inspected at least once every year . I also inspect the de-humidifiers at this time . These are very important for pianos in our climate . You can read more about Dampp-Chaser Systems by clicking here .


Piano Maintenance & Piano Lessons

If you play everyday or taking lessons you will need to have the piano tuned more than once per year . The worst thing you can do to a young pianist trying to learn is having them playing on a piano that is not performing or sounding correctly . With the average cost of the lessons over $100 per month . You might be throwing it away if the piano is not working correctly . You will find that your piano student will not practice, and will have difficulty progressing . I can’t tell you how many times I have been called to buy a piano where the kids didn’t like or learn to play , and after inspecting the piano I know why . The piano was not playable . Next time you get the piano tuned watch how much longer they will practice . They will not really progress unless they can set at the piano for an hour a day. If the piano is not right they won’t ,and may not even realize why .


Concert & Performance Tuning

While concert pianos are tuned for every performance . Concert pianists are very sensitive to the tuning of the piano , but also much attention is paid to the actions touch and feel along with voicing or tone of the piano . Restaurants and bar pianos are tuned every two or three months , and churches generally twice per year . Most often before Easter and then before Christmas .


Action Maintenance

Beside the inspection and tuning there are some minor adjustments that need to be made to the piano . Such as the pedals . And many times when a piano is being played daily or by more then one student the action will require minor regulation to the moving parts like keys , dampers , backchecks , and hammers .

If this is addressed on a regular schedule while doing tuning maintenance it is not expensive . If let go after 6 or 8 years your piano could need several hours of regulation to bring it back to proper playing condition . Nothing can be worse then getting a piano tuned and still having problems with keys stick or not playing correctly . I include minor adjustments during tuning to address these kind of problems .

Reminder Cards For Service

I will send you reminder post cards once per year , or sooner if your piano had a pitch raise on the last service, or any strings were replaced . If you have any question please give me a call at,


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