The Dampp-Chaser Corporation requires these systems to be installed by a Piano Technician. Therefore we can not list an online link for purchase at this time. Call me for other purchase options.

Ask for Brett:  361-446-3750

ind out why you need to order one today, all the details are below...

The company’s slogan is the “Piano Life Saver System”, and that is what they do. When Properly installed will add life to your piano. They help to preserve the inner workings of your piano by controlling the humidity levels it is subjected to. Have you ever experienced a sticky door or cabinet after the humidity has been high? Think about how that high humidity will affect a piano and all of its wooden parts like action parts, sound board, and keys.... Click to Continue  

Follow links finding out what swings in Relative Humidity (RH) will do to your piano

Dampp-Chaser System Info

RH on the Coastal Bend                    RH and Piano Strings

Wet Humidifiers                                String & Belly covers



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