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Tuning takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. See additional information below.

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If your piano has not been tuned for two years or more it will likely need to be tuned more than once to get it back to A-440 pitch and holding tune. Or if you have sticking keys they will need to be inspected before tuning. Tuning takes about  1 . 5  to 2 hours, longer

if a pitch raise is needed. A pitch raise is required if your piano is

more than 10 Cents flat, and costs $30.00 , Purchase Below.

It's actually less expensive to service your piano once a year. Plus you have the benefit of having an inspection every year heading off any  costly repairs, or worse infestations that could ruin your piano.  If you play every day or are taking lessons I recommend your piano be tuned twice per year.

With Tuning no Additional cost for extra mileage

Pitch Raise