Most of the RH readings in the Texas Coastal Bend are over 60% most of the time.

Even if a home is kept closed up, with the air conditioner running all the time, the RH levels are still likely to be above 55 %. There are many micro climates, ranging from desert to rain forest depending on your location to the coastal water front. However, even in very dry or very wet areas, one cannot automatically assume a corresponding RH level depending upon the climate alone. A single RH reading on a piano will not adequately indicate whether or not the humidity level is too high. A number of other factors must also be taken into consideration; factors that I like to call "The Piano’s lifestyle".

These factors include the climate, as well as the day-to-day environment changes in the client’s household. For example, if a client closes the house and runs air conditioning during the day, then opens up the windows in the evenings, this is going to greatly affect RH levels. The same logic is applied if a client

lives further inland, where it is cool during the night. Possibly running a wood burning stove furnace, or fireplace , but warmer during the day with the windows open. I have learned what to recommend to my clients, by observing over a period of time how pianos react to RH in these various situations.


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